The Population of the Holy Cross Parish in Warsaw in the 18th Century

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Chapter 1. The value of parish registers and research methodology

1. Continuity of preservation, external description and elements of content

2. The completeness of registers

3. Methodology

Chapter 2. Warsaw in the 18thcentury

1. Warsaw on the map of Poland and Central Europe

2. The territorial development of the Holy Cross parish by the end of the 18thcentury

3. The parish community

4. Demographic structures

4.1. Population by sex, age and marital status

4.2. Household: structure and size

4.3. The place of old people

Chapter 3. Nuptiality

1. Changes in annual numbers of marriages

2. Marriages in the years of natural disasters

3. Seasonality of marriages

4. Parish compulsion. Mixed marriages. Residence before the marriage

4.1. Parish compulsion

4.2. Mixed marriages

4.3. Residence before the marriage

5. Age of the newlyweds

6. Marital status of the newlyweds

7. Duration of marriages and widowhood

Chapter 4. Births

1. Changes in annual numbers

2. Births during natural disasters

3. Seasonality

4. The size of the reconstructed families

5. Illegitimate births and foundlings 

Chapter 5. Fertility

1. Fertility by marriage age

2. Fertility and the duration of marriage

3. Premarital conceptions and the protogenetic interval

4. Intergenetic intervals

5. Did Varsovians practice limitation of births?

Chapter 6. Mortality

1. Changes in the annual numbers of burials

2. Seasonality

2.1. Seasonality of deceases during plagues and epidemics

3. Mortality of infants and children

4. Adult mortality

5. Causes of deceases




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