Studies on family and household in preindustrial Poland


Jan Tęgowski, The Polish dynastic family of the 10th–15thcenturies

Piotr Guzowski, Demographic representation of the late medieval noble family in the light of the latest genealogical research

Piotr Łozowski, Demography of the burgher family in Old Warsaw in the first half of the 15thcentury

Marzena Liedke, Procreative Attitudes of the Magnates of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 16th–18thCenturies: Selected Issues

Iwona Kulesza-Woroniecka, Disintegration of the noble family elite in the 17th–18thcenturies

Cezary Kuklo, Marriage, children and family in Polish cities and towns in the 16th–18thcenturies

Radosław Poniat, The age of entering the service in Polish lands in the second half of the 18thcentury: In pursuit of life-cycle servants

Mikołaj Szołtysek, Age heaping and digit preference in eighteenth-century Poland-Lithuania: who was rounding off their age, and why?

Konrad Wnęk, Sociotopography of Cracow families at the end of the 18thcentury

Lidia A. Zyblikiewicz, The Cracow family in the times of Franz Josef

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